Honorary members

2014 Michael Thali

2012 Peter Vock & Richard Dirnhofer

Prizes annual meeting


Using Micro Computed Tomography to improve the diagnosis of strangulation deaths - Validation and initial case data.
By Waltraud Baier from the United Kingdom


Best scientific presentation

Virtual animation of victim-specific 3D models obtained from CT scans for forensic crime scene reconstruction: living and dead subjects.
By C. Villa from Denmark

Best poster presentation

Postmortem CT versus forensic autopsy: frequent discrepancies of tracheobronchial content findings.
By L.P. Lombardo from Switzerland


1st prize
Daniel Sandoval: Common Post Mortem Computed Tomography Artifacts and their Remedies.
2nd prize
Willemijn Klein: Imaging postmortem decomposition
3rd prize
Willemijn Klein: Modernizing the anatomy museum; MR and CT scans of the jarred fetuses to upgrade the didactic value